Reaction to 1957 Margaret Sanger Interview

25 Jun

Today a friend sent me the video cast from a Mike Wallace 1957 interview show that he did with Margaret Sanger, who for those of you who don’t know was a leading controversial woman against those, primarily Catholics, who believe that using birth control is a sin. First of all, let me say that beyond the interview itself, Mike Wallace’s promotion of Phillip Morris cigarettes, his smoking during the interview, total endorsement of their product and incessant love for smoking them disgusted me. End infomercial for NOT smoking.  I am going to post the link to the interview at the bottom of this blog post and I hope that whether you are male or female you will watch his interview with Mrs. Stanger. It reminds me as a woman just how much I take for granted.  We as women can choose to take birth control in order to choose when and if to have children at a time that is good for us in our lives. We as women can make the choice to not have children without having to be abstinent. We as women can have marriages, happy and loving unions, without the first and foremost reason being to procreate. We as a society can make sure we can feed our children. We can make sure it is the right time so we can fully love and care for our children.  International countries such as Japan can help keep the population under control.  There are so many things that this woman stood for at that time that we as women should be proud of now almost 50 years later.  Underlying is the right of a woman to make choices.  Men do not dictate our choice to have a career.  To take care of our bodies. To not become weak from mulitiple births. To not pass on disease to a child.  I am proud to be a woman and blessed to have been able to both have children and a career. I am glad to be able to make the choice to take birth control, as one more birth would probably make my arthritis even worse and more unmanageable. Proud to be a woman, but I am even prouder to be able to make choices as a woman.


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    Great post!

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