WonderWomen: Women’s Issues for Today’s Society

2 Sep

The Wonder of Overcoming Obstacles and Odds

Women entrepreneurs are surging to the forefront these days.  They are small business owners, mompreneurs, network marketing magicians, and consultants.  Commonly known as “the queens of multi-tasking,” women certainly know how to be mothers, wives, philanthropists, business owners or employees, and more.  They take on the role of caregiver, nurturer, provider, teacher, taxi, coach, and amid all of that, try to stay true to themselves and their dreams.  This is a tremendous balance of time, energy, and self. It takes great commitment to life.

 The Bible tells us about a good woman in the passage Proverbs 31:10-31.  She is often referred to now as just “the Proverbs 31 woman.” Being like the Proverbs 31 woman has been a goal for many women for generations.  This model woman takes care of the children, the home, a business, investments, servants, does charity work, lends a hand to a neighbor and friend, and more.  She does it all with joy and a seemingly unending amount of energy.  Though this woman has been something for many to strive towards, it also has been an enormous stressor for many, too, who feel that they must accomplish this all, or they are not the woman that God would expect them to be. Somehow, they are less than a woman and can’t live up to the standards.  So, what happens when a woman somehow falls from perfect health?  Or a chronic disease strikes a woman’s physical well-being and makes her feel even less of a woman? She must learn what tasks are the most essential for her to keep undertaking.  Sometimes lesser priorities can wait.  Sometimes a meal isn’t cooked and the dishes aren’t done.

Women overcome obstacles and odds of all shapes and forms. But what women struggle with the most is forgiving themselves and knowing that no matter what they do, it is enough as long as they do it all with love in mind.  Love for children, for spouse, for work that makes them happy, for friends, for church, for others, and yes, even for people with whom they struggle. 

My insights into overcoming obstacles in life are:

  • Self-talk!  This isn’t just looking into the mirror each morning, but rather it is talking to yourself mentally throughout the day and giving yourself a pep talk. Don’t rely on others for reassurance or motivation, it comes from within. The nicest compliments you can get are from yourself. Motivating yourself builds your character.
  • Do the things that make you happy.  If you are happy inside, then it will show on the outside.  Finding joy in your life can help you deal with your snags and hiccups.  Life is never perfect, but finding happiness amid struggle is an even better feeling of accomplishment.
  • Surround yourself with quality people.  Sure, we all want people to be a listening ear, but we also want people that remind us about the joy in life, motivate us to be the best person we can be, and soar in our successes. 
  • Have a strong faith. As long as Jesus is by your side, you are never alone. What a great comfort that is!  It is so wonderful to be able to uplift our cares to Him and surrender them to Him.  What a reassurance to know that He does not give us anything that we cannot handle with His strength and mercy. 
  • Center yourself.  Organize your life on paper (or computer or blackberry!) and plan ahead.  Even the most impulsive of people can still do this.  It doesn’t mean there aren’t times for play; it just is a way of de-cluttering the list and focusing the mind in order to be able to complete goals.  The less clutter we have, physically AND mentally, the better we feel.

I hope to explore different women overcoming obstacles and odds in their lives and remaining optimistic and successful.  If you know of a woman like this, please drop me a line and suggest her to me.  Maybe you are even one of them. I would love to connect.  E-mail me at erin@addisonscompass.com.



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